We will learn how to use VPS and dedicated servers for making your systems from scratch mostly on Unix-like servers.

Include :

Email servers with Postfix, Dovecot. 

SSH and FTP servers.

Asterisk telephony servers(IP PBX systems, VoIP gateways, conference servers, etc.).

Secure your servers with Fail2ban.

Install and setup Databases, for example MySql, MariaDB, PostgreSQL, MongoDB, etc..

Apache, Ngnix, Node.js, and similar web servers.

Message brokers on your server like RabbitMQ with links to other categories in our Free Learning Systems with a demo from real-life uses.

All the free, you can donate to us with PayPalBitcoins BTC 1CEbVJyceBpndAdZVt9zTEQM49ngPX8ihC (see QR code below) and ETH( type of ERC20) 0x9473bf86b30eec571e1ccde49d22a162738bcf6b and also you can make your free courses with donations for yourself.
All the free, you can donate to us with PayPal, Bitcoins BTC 1CEbVJyceBpndAdZVt9zTEQM49ngPX8ihC

Important internet resources not available from some countries when you traveling, so you want to access it over the internet using some special services where it can cost a lot in long term just for personal use.

For example, when we were in Russia we can't use LinkedIn, a great site with contacts networking opportunities, and many other valuable options for professional purposes.

So in this course, you will know how you can make your server for free, with 12 months promotions only for new users from big companies like Google, AmazonAlibaba

and we will start the basic course by using 60 days free VPS of DigitalOcean promotion for install an anonymous squid HTTPS proxy server(and soon will be options for Socks also) for your personal use.

You can use it one by one then you can have a free server for about 3 years and just move from one server to another.