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This course I will show you how to find the best selling items on Amazon.

For complete this course you will need to setup your own server( follow course by this url -> Setup server course )

How to build your own database with goods from any source in internet like aliexpress, chinavasion, tmart and so on, check this video how I made my database with items for next test in online marketplaces like amazon, ebay, bonanaza and another locations 

You can install your own cloud server with our free tools, please complete this free course for begin by next url 'create server with link to country on digital ocean'  

hello, check these hacks for amazon sellers who want to manage and create any count of amazon accounts with safe way, check the video below and you can see how I can manage any count of amazon accounts right from my remote servers on my tablet, you can make and use the same way and create any count of servers and amazon accounts and use it, also there possible to link with any country your remote servers you can know how to use different countries for your servers from this lesson by next url 'create server with link to country on digital ocean'  

you can find more info. about how to install and use your own VNC on your own server from here(has some restrictions on course if no answers on initial quiz ) https://sell.systems/courses/mod/lesson/view.php?id=24

what you'll learn on this course :

First of all need to Setup a final Results/Goals, for example 500000$ this year (for example 50$ by sale, so 500 000/50=10 000 sales, 10 000/365 ~ 28 sales in a day).

So, first task is just write your future results in a notebook or on a paper and it will be saved in your subconscious.(just one more thing - you must to believe in it).

Next we'll begin for learn how to setup free tools for things like these:

test niches, 

find products, 

make and manage orders,

 test your business strategies

and many other things.

*. create and setup a linux debian based server

*. get a free domain name for your server with noip service or from our service

*. install and setup apache2 http server

*. install free SSL certificate for your server

*. install and setup mysql server and phpmyadmin

*. create a database and a user

*. import database for your sell.systems apps.

*. install apps for import items into your database and sell on ebay, amazon and woocommerce stores and another places

find demo apps in profile of a company  -> https://angel.co/ip-iurii-paimurzin

company profile where webapps can be found

Fast automated way for setup your server with 1 click from our founder and author.

You just need to fill a data from course 'create server'.

You will know the needed data when you'll answer on this questions (click here)

Then one button click and : "whoala, your server ready!"

Also you will receive a special badge like our supporter.

Hello, here we will learn how to setup your Amazon MWS account for use it with your web-apps.

Video Practice in Amazon sales manager [sell.systems]

Course under construction now, 

check our short video tutorials/manuals/demo video with cloud apps by this url on youtube 


Rookie sellers challenge [ trip for the winners]

from this course you will know how to create eBay developer account.

you can use it for use your [sell.systems] app for work with your eBay

via app. for list items, manage orders and another things.

find tasks for completion in the forum

Our goal is register domains in automation mode on hosting providers site via your server with simple control panel for input data.

We'll make an automation actions on JavaScript based site with ReCaptcha protection.

We'll make a simple php script for forward requests to a server side app.

And we'll create a server side app for simulate users behavior on a target site.

Then we will link our php script with server side app and we'll test it.

At the finish of the course we will install everything in Autostart of our server and reboot it.

Like a results you can create scrapers/parsers for any recourse for automate your actions with this technique.

We will use Linux Debian, Lazarus IDE, php 7.0, apache2 http server and chromium component.

How to connect to a private department for selected business owners and freelancers.

Register and complete the main course with installation of your own server, 

then write me a private message for join into our personal space with business owners, freelancers and local workers from different sources.

bitrix24 outsourcing department for business owners and freelancers(en version):

bitrix24 outsourcing department for business owners and freelancers(en version)

bitrix24 outsourcing department for business owners and freelancers(ru version): 

bitrix24 outsourcing department for business owners and freelancers(ru version)

for change language you can find a select_box in the end of the page like on the screenshot from below

how to change language in bitrix24