• 1st.: Create Server VPS Droplet

    This part is very easy, just register by the URL and create a Droplet with your first VPS server with 60 days free using(only by this URL), you can select any country you want from the list in the video, for example, if you located in Russia and want to get access some resources like LinkedIn then you can select any countries which will allow this access for you. 

    For example, it will be a USA proxy server secured with login and password only for your use, and additional security settings with blocking from other resources via Fail2Ban(you can learn more for free when completing this course), and like a bonus you will get free access to additional steps for install and use dedicated and VPS server for 12 months free and more with promo-actions from AWS AmazonAlibabaand Google VPS and you will see more ways for setup and work with it via other ways for connecting to your servers via SSH clients with secure keys and using FTP clients to get access to your server files via the same SSH secure access.

    This time we will use a Linux terminal via SSH client from a DigitalOcean dashboard panel to access our installed VPS, and first of all, we will update our Debian OS repositories like this:

    apt update

    apt upgrade



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